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 exclusive boutique in Paris COLETTE boutiques. The most eagerly anticipated when the number: Berluti sneakers, Thierry Lasry sunglasses, RJ Romain Jerome watch, Eugene Riconneaus adidas running shoes heels, Eleven Paris leather jacket, Yazbukey handbags, Cinabre tie, Stone & AS29 earrings, Defend Paris earrings and Anthony Vacarello dress. And this funny drinks Oasis brand is the design of a series of canned drinks Batman collectors also exclusively available at colette. In addition to these multiple exciting collaboration, COLETTE this famous famous overseas buyers shop also will open a real "Gotham City Bar", store decoration will put DC Comics superhero theme colors. In addition, there are more different designers to design products launched, such as sculpture,

 jewelry and electronic skates, etc., is bound to attract fashion from around the world up and superhero fans pilgrims worship. New York recently popular footwear brand Common Projects for  nike flyknit lunar 2 2014 fall and winter bring a full white color of the lower cylinder BBall sneakers. Continuation of the design of the brand's iconic minimalist shoe body contours, and the use of the highest quality made of white leather, complemented by perforated toe detail increases permeability, while the heel retains the signature style of numbered design, among the simple elegance also revealed a trace. Currently, this shoe can already be purchased via MR PORTER, priced at $ 475. "When small ling" the king of hearts tim love sports, often share movement beauty shines on face book, 

today attended the 2014 Hennessy music Hyun sound of (Hennessy Artistry) press conference, and and professional parkour performers on the same stage together to bring a wonderful stimulate Parkour performances, she was wearing a sports shoes, show muscle warm-up, when she followed Parkour challenge, a bend spring run, the spotlight flashes constantly. Recently, the budding "Daddy" Hawick airborne Guangzhou to attend a certain brand activities. Bursting with popularity, he is just an appearance, it caused many fans and large crowds of onlookers to follow and make the activities and the atmosphere is very warm. When singer Pan ready by the end of the concert, the accident occurred inadvertently head impact, extraordinary perseverance, resilience in good condition, he was discharged after a week at home recuperating, yesterday (November 6) first public appearance, and served as associate professor 


 suit with jeans or with skirts pullover? In fact, this is just a small mix and match it, if you dare to try woolen coat or windbreaker with sneakers that you're a Ganchuan fashion   nike free 5.0 Daren. To know that this combination was very good, imagine how extraordinary temperament coat foot sneakers? In fact, it's just your imagination only, editor told you coat with a very fashionable sneakers, and the influx of people will wear this match a perfect mix and match temperament, try it, I believe this combination would be to steal the spotlight in the fall and winter, oh. This highlights the classic beige trench coat cut and color. It uses a soft cashmere wool blended fabrics and refined, with epaulets and invisible pocket detail, called the office to create a competent choice modeling attire or 

evening activities. Prominent figure buckle waist belt can be graceful bundle. Popularity, both career soar Rihanna (Rihanna) has all the wear with a good performance, and her skillful mix of technology is becoming all the object of pursuit. She neither Lady Gaga as "flavors", unlike Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) is so nike roshe run sweet, Rihanna always use a variety of different styles to create their own Style, and in footwear Rihanna is definitely the choice of sneakers diehard powder, shot in the street in her often appear a variety of styles, a variety of styles of shoes. Whether it is with a skirt or jeans, can become eye-catching focal point. 

If you have recently had the idea to buy sports shoes, we might find inspiration in Rihanna (Rihanna) shot in the street it! This year is simply "sneakers year", from front-line luxury brand (Dior, Chanel, etc.) to the general public high Street all meddle, in addition to comfortable and super mash force it to become the new darling of the influx of people, with a dress is one of the fashion week show off the best in the trend, the aesthetics of the Global Network shoes if you doubt its existence, following this style will make you change. Cool autumn day, baseball jackets, tight trousers, jacket, knit tops are comfortable to wear another type of body, how can the new cool clothes to wear clothing, how to be comfortable and be in the end? A pair of sports shoes enough. Look at Fashion Week Street beat the influx of people, they have the sneakers Fun was superb, elegant, capable, leisure, sports, and various concave shape, only by sports shoes, 


and science the father works long REMEDIES celebrities invited to attend university lectures practice, and students were talking about "passion passion" point of view. Wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers, with black-rimmed glasses, Pan, his voice and his father on the same stage for talks, he said "I am happy to meet you and have a long history and practice, but also always wanted to dad Share will do, thank you invite Chien University, and completed our wish. "Pan Shuai with their own experience, to encourage the students to have a warm heart, a good" rebellious "spirit, do not be afraid to complain status quo, perseverance is a good thing, You can find the love of things. Debut ago lived in the computer, working in radio Pan Shuai, fledgling DJ wanted to be a singer when, but not being   nike free 4.0 sure to sing theme song for the show was also a protest letter to the audience, then relying on hard work, step by step to become selling singer, but experienced Bell 

Award event, Pan Shuai conviction was hit once wanted to give up performing the way, but fortunately he was able to express the music, though not from the school of music, but the love of music and dedication, let him find the exit also renewed enthusiasm, a friend during the encouragement of his family, but also to his own after low tide achievement even better, you can continue to strive to be a "sing-hop singer-songwriter." nike free 3.0 Speaking injured feelings, Pan said the moment her head injuries at the little Dome ceiling, thinking "finished!" When the ambulance left the arena, he cried, because really can not be reconciled, in hospital in the process, he has been constantly asked the doctor can not play, the doctor asked him to Shaoanwuzao, every few days just to tell him of the seriousness of the injury may Pan Shuai realization that they are really lucky, also thank you for the concern and encouragement along the way, the doctor told him in advance as 

well as bleeding, all have to be careful, Wilber also help adjust the pace, Tai Chong told myself not to, he smiled and said: "It can not even watch the game great action, be calm. "but he said there will be no shadow of heart, or will hope to complete the wonderful performances, but certainly under the security considerations, would give more consideration to the family and friends feel, for such performances would be more cautious. Extraordinary willpower, restless, he wrote during the rest 3,4 song, music producer Jia-Song Ji passed mad, friends told Pan handsome "or the first rest!" Wilber believes that he can recover quickly, step by step back to the best condition, "workaholic" he said, "let Chinese music more progressive, giving you better performance


the official website early on through open microblogging, establish communication with the consumer brand information platform; Anta official flagship store there is a new brand launched on spread through video sites and community sites, attracting hot friends. Some foreign brands will be focusing its  womens converse all star attention on the cross-border marketing, Nike and Buick cooperation, enhance the visibility of Nike, also contributed to the Nike Air shoes, Nike sports shoes sales rose. Entertainment marketing model for positioning in the fashion shoes, casual shoes such brands. Lacoste alligator shoes in the series will need to be more prudent stars to endorsement. The sports shoes and apparel brand should be combined with its own product characteristics, proceed from the sports marketing. From the current marketing point of view, in the shoe industry, celebrity endorsements and sponsorship of these two modes of transmission appears to be more common

. For this type of marketing, Adidas breeze series brand sponsorship after the Olympics, to get the majority of consumers agree. And marketing activities in China's methods and ideas, by holding the converse pro star Third Beijing International Marathon, fit the Chinese people to improve their health by running philosophy of life, once again enhance the brand value of Adidas running shoes for the Adidas brand to add value . But sports marketing association must find points race and enterprises, strong to drag would cause boredom, sports marketing needs a complete and unified,

 consistent propaganda from the top down. In summary, entertainment marketing and sports marketing is undoubtedly one of the hottest shoes and apparel companies at this stage of marketing, but in such a competitive market, the only way to seize the precise marketing can truly lay its own niche market. To celebrate the advent of 75 Batman load, since the beginning of October 27, COLETTE will be on sale for a month Batman-themed clothing and accessories boutique series. Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment announced the company to cooperate with a grand COLETTE. Will launch a variety of exclusive limited edition boutique to celebrate the legendary hero - the 75th anniversary of the advent of the Dark Knight Batman. "Batman" sports shoes can be described as constantly surprises throughout November, distinguished guests can buy a range from a number of well-known designer and brand design


Yeah" gesture, go home and watch the

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, together with the international out!" about his family, seemed strong Wilber I was actually full dismay, the hospital emergency room all night the first night, in the morning 6:00 dare to call his family. Poon Daddy said that Wilber do not want them to worry, put your hands in the hospital also "Yeah" gesture, go home and watch the news broadcast until injured screen, heard his son cries, suddenly tears. Fortunately, people of peace, unfortunately, the great fortune, and thanks to everyone concerned and blessings. Dad also claimed Wilber Pan childhood love of performing, 

a child learning to jump Superman underpants nike free run 3 Waichuan sofa at home, climb comparable to Spider-Man, tennis racket when the microphone will be asked for applause, but asked Dad Can introduce him to the TV child star but my father always wanted him to hold the attitude of a good education. Later, when Wilber debut artist, father, said he took too much advice, but my mind was to give great support at the forum also strongly appreciates father Pan Wilber enthusiasm for work, and please continue to be a lot of support Wilber, affectionate father and son revealed. Nike recently held in New York in the 2015 women's spring and summer series of conferences, shows a newly designed Flyknit Zoom Fit Agility sneakers. The design process for the brand in the United States, Oregon, Nike Sports Research Lab research team conducted within the global headquarters, the brand team pressure mapping data that athletes feet from where the most pressure to determine 

how the hexagonal Zoom Air cushion placed Flyknit Zoom Fit nike free run 2  Agility body, designed to provide optimal cushioning and grip force athletes sneakers. In addition, the team Flyknit Zoom Fit Agility upper rack their brains to the same design, the use of the patented technology and how to get a foot Flyknit nature awareness activities, adding the appropriate location in the upper stretch, support and cushioning properties, so the shoes can play the best results. Do you dare to try woolen coat or windbreaker with sneakers? To know that this combination was very good, but the influx of people to shift this match piercing perfect mix temperament! If you are a fashion Daren Ganchuan , they quickly try it! you may not know what mashups include, for example, sports


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