and science the father works long REMEDIES celebrities invited to attend university lectures practice, and students were talking about "passion passion" point of view. Wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers, with black-rimmed glasses, Pan, his voice and his father on the same stage for talks, he said "I am happy to meet you and have a long history and practice, but also always wanted to dad Share will do, thank you invite Chien University, and completed our wish. "Pan Shuai with their own experience, to encourage the students to have a warm heart, a good" rebellious "spirit, do not be afraid to complain status quo, perseverance is a good thing, You can find the love of things. Debut ago lived in the computer, working in radio Pan Shuai, fledgling DJ wanted to be a singer when, but not being   nike free 4.0 sure to sing theme song for the show was also a protest letter to the audience, then relying on hard work, step by step to become selling singer, but experienced Bell 

Award event, Pan Shuai conviction was hit once wanted to give up performing the way, but fortunately he was able to express the music, though not from the school of music, but the love of music and dedication, let him find the exit also renewed enthusiasm, a friend during the encouragement of his family, but also to his own after low tide achievement even better, you can continue to strive to be a "sing-hop singer-songwriter." nike free 3.0 Speaking injured feelings, Pan said the moment her head injuries at the little Dome ceiling, thinking "finished!" When the ambulance left the arena, he cried, because really can not be reconciled, in hospital in the process, he has been constantly asked the doctor can not play, the doctor asked him to Shaoanwuzao, every few days just to tell him of the seriousness of the injury may Pan Shuai realization that they are really lucky, also thank you for the concern and encouragement along the way, the doctor told him in advance as 

well as bleeding, all have to be careful, Wilber also help adjust the pace, Tai Chong told myself not to, he smiled and said: "It can not even watch the game great action, be calm. "but he said there will be no shadow of heart, or will hope to complete the wonderful performances, but certainly under the security considerations, would give more consideration to the family and friends feel, for such performances would be more cautious. Extraordinary willpower, restless, he wrote during the rest 3,4 song, music producer Jia-Song Ji passed mad, friends told Pan handsome "or the first rest!" Wilber believes that he can recover quickly, step by step back to the best condition, "workaholic" he said, "let Chinese music more progressive, giving you better performance