, together with the international out!" about his family, seemed strong Wilber I was actually full dismay, the hospital emergency room all night the first night, in the morning 6:00 dare to call his family. Poon Daddy said that Wilber do not want them to worry, put your hands in the hospital also "Yeah" gesture, go home and watch the news broadcast until injured screen, heard his son cries, suddenly tears. Fortunately, people of peace, unfortunately, the great fortune, and thanks to everyone concerned and blessings. Dad also claimed Wilber Pan childhood love of performing, 

a child learning to jump Superman underpants nike free run 3 Waichuan sofa at home, climb comparable to Spider-Man, tennis racket when the microphone will be asked for applause, but asked Dad Can introduce him to the TV child star but my father always wanted him to hold the attitude of a good education. Later, when Wilber debut artist, father, said he took too much advice, but my mind was to give great support at the forum also strongly appreciates father Pan Wilber enthusiasm for work, and please continue to be a lot of support Wilber, affectionate father and son revealed. Nike recently held in New York in the 2015 women's spring and summer series of conferences, shows a newly designed Flyknit Zoom Fit Agility sneakers. The design process for the brand in the United States, Oregon, Nike Sports Research Lab research team conducted within the global headquarters, the brand team pressure mapping data that athletes feet from where the most pressure to determine 

how the hexagonal Zoom Air cushion placed Flyknit Zoom Fit nike free run 2  Agility body, designed to provide optimal cushioning and grip force athletes sneakers. In addition, the team Flyknit Zoom Fit Agility upper rack their brains to the same design, the use of the patented technology and how to get a foot Flyknit nature awareness activities, adding the appropriate location in the upper stretch, support and cushioning properties, so the shoes can play the best results. Do you dare to try woolen coat or windbreaker with sneakers? To know that this combination was very good, but the influx of people to shift this match piercing perfect mix temperament! If you are a fashion Daren Ganchuan , they quickly try it! you may not know what mashups include, for example, sports